Drives for applications in hygienic areas

By SEW Eurodrive.

High demands are placed on hygiene both for the production of beverages and food and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Often, regulations stipulate a completely germ-free environment. The drive solutions used in the past made it very hard to clean the production system as thoroughly as required. Standard motors usually have cooling fins and fans. Dirt can collect in these components where it cannot be fully removed due to problems of accessibility. This can lead to a build up of germs!

SEW-EURODRIVE solves this problem by using special gear motors in hygienic design.Thanks to their smooth surface, the helical, parallel shaft, helical-bevel or helical-worm gearmotors in hygienic design are easy to clean and prevent a build up of germs or bacteria on the surface.

SEW Eurodrive  ASEPTICplus Drive Package
SEW Eurodrive ASEPTICplus Drive Package

SEW Eurodrive drives for applications in hygienic areas are equipped with special AC motors of the DAS80 to DAS100 series. These motors have the following characteristics:

  • Motors with a smooth surface without cooling fins
  • Pure convection cooling (without fan)
  • Rated power in S1 mode 0.25 kW to 1.5 kW
  • Motor enclosure IP66 as standard (brake motors IP65)
  • Electrical connection via plug connector in enclosure IP66
  • Motor to be mounted directly on standard R (Helical), F (Parallel Shaft Helical), K (Helical-Bevel) and S (Helical-Worm) gear units with KS corrosion protection
  • Surface protection coating to protect against chemicals and solvents
  • All surface recesses sprayed with elastic rubber compound as an option
  • Optional with brake for 110V to 500 V
  • Optional with encoder for speed-controlled inverter operation

Gearmotors in hygienic design from SEW-EURODRIVE also create the perfect conditions in your production system for the hygienic production and packaging of food and beverages.

You will find detailed information on gearmotors in hygienic design from SEW-EURODRIVE in the “Aseptic Drives DAS” catalog available from SEW-EURODRIVE.

The ASEPTICplus drive package combines the following additional measures and specific components for the gear motor in hygienic design for the best possible protection for the gearmotor against cleaning agents, chemicals and aggressive environmental conditions.

SEW-Eurodrive ASEPTICplus drive package includes the following additional measures:

  • IP69K enclosure for the DAS motor (brake motor IP65)
  • Epoxy protection coating
  • Double oil seals at gear unit output made of FKM (fluoroelastomer)
  • Stainless steel breather valve
  • Cable entry on the IS connector with stainless steel screw plugs
  • Gear unit output shaft made of stainless steel as solid shaft for the gear unit types R17-97, F37-97, K37-97 and S37-97
  • Gear unit output shaft made of stainless steel as hollow shaft with TorqLOC® for the gear unit types FT27-157, KT37-157 and ST37-97

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