Two Industrial Gear Unit Worlds Meet in One Smart Solution

By SEW Eurodrive.

The P-X series unites a compact planetary stage with robust, versatile industrial gear units. Thanks to their excellent performance and high level of operational reliability, these units are the perfect solution for drives in the medium to high torque range – even for the most demanding applications. What is more, they deliver an optimum power/weight ratio thanks to the combination of planetary and bevel-helical gear units, and an improved thermal limit rating through the use of a shared oil chamber.

Double the benefits – SEW Eurodrive P-X series combines the advantages of two industrial gear unit series.

More flexible plant and machine optimization with the P-X series when it comes to efficiency, throughput and costs.

Substantial savings in time and costs from engineering through to startup thanks to our compact drive packages and customized complete industrial gear unit systems. Added benefit: Everything is delivered from a single source.

Maximum plant availability thanks to rapid on-site assistance (repairs, replacement of drives, etc.) via SEW Eurodrive comprehensive worldwide network of local service support.

Fully reliable scheduling and budgeting for major projects through the use of simultaneous engineering (adherence to total cost of ownership (TCO) and project completion deadlines).

P-X series product expansion –SEW Eurodrive P-X1KP bevel planetary gear unit.

SEW Eurodrive P-X1KP Bevel Planetary Gear Unit

The new P-X1KP planetary gear unit is an exceptionally compact, weight-optimized drive solution for machine speeds of up to n2 = 50 min-1 and is the perfect addition to the P-X series product portfolio. Among other applications, P-X1KP planetary gear units are ideal for use in mixers in the food industry and screw presses in the paper industry.

SEW Eurodrive compact solution helps you design your machinery flexibly.

  • Direct P-X1KP mounting on machines saves space
  • Increased flexibility in machine optimization
  • Save on machine components including cardan shafts and assembly frames
  • Reduced investments (when replacing special gear units)
  • Simple plug-in solution for optimization / minimized downtime
  • Lower servicing costs thanks to reduced component maintenance

The weight-optimized design of the P-X1KP opens up brand-new opportunities for machine optimization in terms of throughput, costs and operational safety.


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